These are the keys to Economic Prosperity. 

Perhaps one of the most important realisation that I’ve learned in life is the importance that a good education and access to quality health care has in one’s quality of life .

Acquiring this education is important because it gives you the necessary skills that are relevant to jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities.

How does one ensure that they end up with a qualification that will ensure success in the future? This is the question that i am trying to answer. A lot of people have wasted so much of their time in careers that have not yield any positive benefits to their lives. The high unemployment rate in this country consist of a large number of people sitting at home with no skills and qualifications that are relevant to the work place or the needs of the economy.

The majority of South Africans have for decades been subjected to an unjust system that did not take into any consideration what the economy would require in the future, to stimulate jobs and entrepreneurship . The current structure of the workforce in the economy is not equipped with the necessary skills to venture out into entrepreneurship which has been proven to be an important driver in job creation and economic growth.

Although the current government has tried to address some of the imbalances in our socio-economic environment, it will still take some time to reverse some of the serious damages caused by the apartheid government.

I would like to however point out that the current corruption and lack of corporation between government and private sectors is worrying, because it impacts negatively on the ability for the country’s economy to provide skills and jobs needed for sustainable growth and development.

I believe that In order to reverse the current imbalances in the economy our government must mainly concentrate it’s efforts on providing good quality education and health care. A healthy and educated nation makes better choices the effects of which will positively affect other socio-economic factors like the environment, poverty and justice.
Education is both a cause and an effect of socio-economic status. People of lower socio-economic status are less likely to be educated. Neither society nor the families of disadvantaged students invest in their education, and as a result, these children have reduced employment levels and make lower wages. People of lower socio-economic status are less likely to have equal access to quality health care and more likely to develop health problems. People in lower socio-economic classes are also more likely to deal with the criminal justice system. Crime becomes another factor which negatively impacts on economic growth and inefficient use of government resources, because millions of rands are then spent on curbing crime and the prosecution and incarceration of perpetrators rather than on education and health care.

So as you can see It doesn’t take rocket science to see that unless adequate resources are spent wisely and effectively in education and health care we will be not be able to comprehensively address the current issues and challenges in our society. I don’t know if our policy makers are aware of this or is it just a case of being more concerned about politics which we all know is very ineffective in addressing real social-economic issues.

Best regards
George Gill


One thought on “These are the keys to Economic Prosperity. 

  1. Very well thought. It really is hard for a hungry child to learn, and this leads to health problems. In the long run, children end up leaving school to fend for themselves, hence the crime issues. However, I would like to think that the government may not be able to focus on all areas at once. While we’re waiting for laws and policies to be implemented, individuals like you and I, should also give a hand in changing one life at a time. It may not be easy, but it would make a big difference in the long run. It starts with me. Just a thought…

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