Gratitude and Seasons Of Change 

​As you wake up today, be thankful for all that you have. Every day brings new possibilities and an opportunity to renew your mind. 

Today, look around you and find positive meaning in all that you see. Life is all about balance, between good and bad, the positives and negatives, happiness and sadness or even sunshine and  rain. The universe is not made up of just one aspect of existence but it is a conundrum of opposites. 

The skies in your life may look dark and gloomy right now, but if you allow the universe and God’s power to change those dark clouds into sunshine, you’ll realize that even with it’s contradictions life is beautiful. 

On the other hand if your life is currently sunny and bright, take the opportunity to strengthen yourself for those days when there will be dark clouds in your skies.

Nobody faces winter wearing summer clothes, prepare yourself, for the seasons shall change. Remember that those who prepare themselves for seasons of change, they are the ones that often survive to see bright and beautiful skies again.  


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