When it comes to luck, make your own. 

​I used to be one of those people that often said; “I don’t have much luck or  I’m just not a very lucky person; I don’t get the great jobs; relationships or opportunities like my friends do.” I used to be one of the many men and women who complained about how “unlucky”they are. Well it then dawned upon me, that job that i want, that beautiful house at the coast,  that attractive person i often see but never have the courage to ask out, they aren’t going to come to me. I am going to have to go get them myself.Luck isn’t going to come to me , it never will, i am going to have to get up and create my own. I am responsible for finding that luck, because it’s not going to come to me or find me.

I used to be one of those people who believed that i had no luck at all. I often compared myself with others. What i had forgotten or failed to see is that my life’s journey is different, and because of that so is my luck. 

I then started to realise that Life owes me nothing, it’s a hard fact that I’ve had to have to come to terms with. Here’s the thing, it really does not matter if i come from an advantaged background, or i am a disadvantaged individual living in poverty; life will not feel indebted to me. Life would still deal me just in the same way. I may think that if i had come from a more advantaged background, my life would have been better than it is. Maybe, it would be and maybe not. There’s no guarantee how it would have turned out. What is really more important is my attitude towards my situation right here,  right now. What I know is, It’s still possible to feel “unlucky”even with all the glitz and glamour of the things i have. What really matters is my attitude, right now, and that i am responsible for my situation. I’m the one responsible for creating the luck in it. 

It has often been easy for me to think that materially or at face value some people are more luckier than i am. What i had failed to see is that luck isn’t about material possessions;but it is in recognising and appreciating my own circumstances, and that my journey is different from everyone else’s.  The guy with the fancy car, clothes and houses may know the value of all those things. What they may not know is the value of the things that matter the most. These things are things like love, family, the lessons that i’ve learned over the years, and knowing the difference between right and wrong and knowing how to respect individuals for who they are; and not for what they are or have. This includes the wisdom of knowing that nothing in my life didn’t not come by chance, but it came as a result of the choices i made and the luck I created or didn’t create. It then struck me,my luck comes from love,my experiences,  the lessons I’ve learned, and the ones I’ve yet to learn.These are the building blocks of how lucky I am. In the same way that a house is not a home unless there’s love, appreciation and gratitude by the people living in it, my luck cannot exist with the absence of all these things. Since i am the one that chooses the path towards my luck, it is therefore not anyone else’s responsibility but mine to find or create that luck. If i want more luck I’m just going to have to create more of it. 

So i looked around myself and i saw how really lucky i am, even better i looked inside myself and i saw the true reflection of how lucky i am. And If i feel that this is not enough, all i need to do is get up and make more luck for myself.

That’s it, because …“When it comes to luck, you make your own.” Bruce Springsteen. 


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