Why I Love My BlackBerry Passport 

“​Did you say BlackBerry does anyone still use those?”Well the answer is pretty simple; yes and they make some of the best smartphones in the market. That’s a bold statement I know, and I’ll tell you why, because unlike most of the other popular smartphones,their devices do not limit me to do all the social stuff but won’t allow me to do what matters the most, that is to do work. I have had a few BlackBerry handsets, with the Bold 8900 being my first, followed by the Bold 9900, the Z10 and Z30 and now the Passport.

As I write this article using the capacitive keyboard on the Passport, the intelligent software on BlackBerry 10 has learned to predict what I’m going to say, further
Supporting BlackBerry’s claim how their hand sets are for those individuals who are serious about productivity and want to get more done. BlackBerry is known for its best in class keyboards and the Passport takes this to a whole new level.


The big screen and how everything is baked into the OS and how it works so well together, how intuitive and how true multitasking is achieved on BlackBerry 10 is unrivaled.


I am one of those individuals who use their Smartphone to get work done; this is not a toy but an important productive tool. That’s what BlackBerry stands for, it’s what it is!


With my BlackBerry Passport i can look sexy and be productive all at the same time, when people look at my BlackBerry Passport they are amazed at how quickly I’m able to instantly reply to a message while busy whipping up an email and attaching a document and responding to a Facebook post without having to leave what I’m doing. No other OS can do it as well and as efficiently as BlackBerry 10.


This is not an app launcher it’s a productive tool that allows me to do more without any restrictions. The BlackBerry HUB, is a true genius. It is a unified communication center where all my messages come in to help me work faster and more efficiently and without never having to miss a beat.

I can also work wide and view documents, spreadsheets, maps and websites without having to use landscape mode. I am not confined to the narrow world of other smartphones that do not allow me to see a wider view of what is on the screen.


There is nothing more liberating than the ability to leave my laptop at home and having that one device to get me through the day and not having to worry how I will not be able to be productive. The awesome battery life gets me through the day even with heavy use and I never have to worry about my phone dying on me. These are just one of the many things that it does better than any other smartphone available out there.


My BlackBerry Passport is my one tool, which helps me work harder, smarter and safely because I’m serious about what I do. Like the real Passport it allows me to go far and beyond the restricted boundaries. For an unrivaled productivity experience I went ‘BLACKBERRY ’ and never went back because this BlackBerry is my passport to Smartphone pleasure!

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